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With a high market share, we specialize in industrial/advertisement/stationery purposes rubber magnets. Equipped with blanking and lamination equipment in various scales, we are able to provide various standards as we strive to achieve best quality and customer satisfaction by developing highly functional materials.

Rubber is a magnet formed in calendar method by mixing Ferrite Magnet Powder) with CPE(Chlorinated Polyethylene) resin which is easy for deformation and processing. Chlorinated polyethylene shows intermediate nature between EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Dien Rubber) and NBR (Nitile Butadiene Rubber). A motor used in the poor use condition is molded using NBR and its features are introduced in magnet for motors.


Various types of molding processing are possible through excellent matter property (malleability, elasticity).
The product is provided in sheet-type and roll-type depending on the shape in various thicknesses (0.4㎜ - 5㎜).
Additionally, it can be manufactured in custom-tailored sizes (width, length, thickness).
UV coating or MATT-UV coating prevents magnet from damaged by heat.
UV coating is glossy and MATT-UV coating is without gloss.
In addition, adhesive tape or color PVC can be attached and processed on the rubber magnet for various purposes including ad sticker magnet, ad stationery and educational materials. Based on the production method and purpose, it is divided into anisotropic rubber magnet and isotropic rubber magnet.


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